The picture shows LAPP's virtual exhibition stand.

It is with great pleasure that we look back on our successful appearance at the Hannover Messe 2022

You did not have the opportunity to visit our booth on site? Then visit our virtual trade fair stand and experience our innovations presented at Hannover Messe 2022 digitally. Find out everything you need to know about the products, solutions and services in the field of cable & connectivity technology and navigate innovatively through our exhibits and themed areas.

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The picture shows the new products for the Hannover Messe 2022 from LAPP.

Virtual development
EPIC® POWER M12L series

EPIC® POWER M12L connectors

This tiny miracle has been developed virtually and is now an impressive reality. Find out about the smallest power connector available on the market: EPIC® POWER M12L-coded, for power supply in the low voltage range (decentralised I/O modules, DC motors), PROFINET-compliant and UL-certified This innovative solution meets all market requirements, is extremely powerful despite its small size and prevents incorrect connections. The M12L is the optimal solution for sensor/actuator cabling and supplying power to smaller DC motors such as those used in driverless transport systems.

EPIC® M12L/K contacts

Here’s to good contacts! The best possible addition to exploiting the great potential of our EPIC® POWER M12L miniaturised power connectors are durable contacts that establish maximum contact at the connector and keep the contact resistances low. This is why we developed the EPIC® M12L/K contacts. The multiple slots ensure improved contact, while the crimp contact guarantees maximum contact safety between the contact and the cable, and also creates a vibration-proof connection. The clear markings on the maximum conductor cross-section prevent incorrect assembly. Corrosion-resistant gold coating delivers a long service life and low contact resistances.


Innovative monitoring device for data cables

Identifying risks before they cause damage reduces plant downtimes and enables stable data connections. Our reliable ETHERLINE® GUARD monitoring solution evaluates the current performance of a data cable at risk of failure. The evaluation provides conclusions about the condition and, as a result, the service life of the cable. The stationary monitoring device can be easily integrated into existing systems and used immediately.

This means that parts can be replaced before they are already defective. In addition, it is also possible to refrain from replacing parts that are still functional at certain intervals as precaution. Predictive maintenance is now available thanks to Industry 4.0 and digitalisation. And ETHERLINE® GUARD prompts a fascinating question: Why perform preventive maintenance when you can plan it perfectly?


A sign of sustainability
Lead-free series for SKINDICHT®

Completely lead-free – this is possible thanks to the new cable gland accessories from LAPP. By adding to the SKINDICHT® family portfolio, LAPP is launching a completely sustainable product series on the market for the first time. The lead-free gland solution already meets the future REACH and RoHS requirements.

The lead-free product portfolio allows you to opt for a sustainable and forward-looking product alternative without compromising on performance. There’s also no downside when it comes to mechanical properties, corrosion resistance or EMC properties – and the series still has an IP 68 protection rating. We are convinced that if you want to be successful in the future, you have to focus on sustainability. The first completely lead-free product series for SKINDICHT® is another important step.


Other product innovations

When it comes to Industrial Communication, we have a range of new solutions for making optimum connections even more robust: the PROFINET type B and C-compatible HITRONIC® GOF DUPLEX PNB/PNC indoor breakout cables, and products from the highly resistant ETHERLINE® series that master torsion and vibrations (ETHERLINE® TORSION Cat.6A patch cords), permanently moving applications (ETHERLINE® EC FD Cat.5e patch cords), and flexible requirements (ETHERLINE® FLEX Cat.6A patch cords). The EPIC® DATA TS GOF adapter also opens up new possibilities, as the mounting rail adapter connects the glass fibre outside your control cabinet to the patch cable inside your control cabinet. Just plug in: no more splicing!

To our product innovations

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The fastest route for many current and future applications in Industry 4.0 is through a twisted pair of wires. In short: Single Pair Ethernet. The ground-breaking technology is not only thin, light and compact, it is also a real game-changer in industrial networking.

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No matter what you’re building – you can rely on us: Our experts will assist you in successfully implementing your major projects in the area of cables and connection technology. Rely on the consulting skills and professional all-round service from your personal LAPP project team – it will conserve resources and you will benefit from our expertise. Together, we can create optimum tailor-made solutions for your project.
Why perform preventive maintenance if it can also be planned in an optimal way? Our reliable ETHERLINE® GUARD monitoring solution evaluates the current performance of a data cable, provides conclusions about the condition and service life of the line – and thus detects risks before they lead to damage. This means that parts can be replaced before they become defective. The stationary monitoring device can be easily integrated into existing systems and used immediately.
Industry 4.0 demands reliable and high-performance network technology – with permanent network stability. The increasing size and complexity of the machines makes network monitoring a mammoth task. Ageing, environmental stresses, a lot of activity – the Health Check Service checks the entire condition of a machine network for robustness. Prepare and benefit directly from efficiency in production!
LAPP MOBILIY – the future of mobility is electric. We are a strong partner on this path – let yourself see the solutions from LAPP Mobility. Particularly impressive is the LAPP Helix, a fast-charging cable that automatically assumes its original shape after charging is complete and virtually tidies itself up almost by itself. Our type 2 Helix charging cable complies with the European standard, so you will always find a suitable public charging station in neighbouring countries. Just like the cable, the type 2 connector can withstand both extremely cold and hot temperatures. And with the lightweight and handy MOBILITY DOCK, you can also easily charge your electric vehicle from any household socket. The charger hardly requires any space in the boot and can be used with any type 2 charging cable.
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With Industry 4.0, data traffic rises massively – and so does the demand for widespread fibre optic connections. With Lapp you are unbeatably fast and secure on the move! Our glass fibre cables achieve excellent performance. Find out about our copper-free, interference-free, interception-proof solutions that enable data to be transferred almost at the speed of light.
The logistics of the future poses enormous challenges for companies: faster speed with tried-and-tested customer focus, sustainable processes and global networking that enables deliveries whenever and wherever. For LAPP as a pioneer in this field, rapid developments are welcome. Our logistics product portfolio includes various transport, storage and unwinding solutions – suitable to meet your needs. Experience the full spectrum of potential and logistics solutions from LAPP that are individually tailored to your needs.
We have the solution to your problem! We offer you advanced LAPP e-Services, which you can use to simplify work flows and business processes and that support you in ordering and purchasing in the e-Shop. And our experts are still available should you desire a personal consultation.
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Intelligent and reliable connection solutions that match the exact needs of our global customers – LAPP stands for this with its eight strong brands: ÖLFLEX®, synonymous with power and control cables, high-quality UNITRONIC® data cables and fieldbus components, and ETHERLINE® data communication systems for Ethernet technology. Our optical data transmission systems HITRONIC®, industrial connectors EPIC®, cable glands SKINTOP®, the protective cable conduit systems SILVYN® and marking systems FLEXIMARK® also provide the best possible connectivity.
We have the right connection solution for every requirement. ÖLFLEX® CONNECT offers you the planning, production and testing of your tailored, ready-to-use system solution – from pre-assembled cables for stationary systems to servo assemblies right through to highly complex cable chains. A connection that saves time and nerves and is ready for use immediately.
Electrical planning is becoming increasingly digital and time pressure is growing. This requires simplicity and as few media breaks as possible. An important partner for LAPP is EPLAN, the provider of the eponymous software solution for electrical planning. Here, LAPP is a leader in cable products. This is why we contribute our know-how to industrial data communication.
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What will the future bring? And how do we find the best solutions for the challenges that await us? You will find answers to these questions in the futureLab, where we work together on the future and tomorrow’s issues so that we can continue to present you with innovative solutions. Current topics include Industry 4.0, intelligent machine and network diagnostics (Health Check) and the energy revolution towards direct current – by the way also at the joint booth DC-Industry, where LAPP will be present as co-exhibitor. Find out more about the possibilities predictive maintenance can offer – from optimally planned maintenance to reducing downtime and damage thanks to reliable monitoring solutions. Or experience the latest developments in direct current technology with its enormous potential in terms of energy efficiency and Industry 4.0. The future starts here.